DWGAS is about doctors working to improve healthcare by giving back and serving the communities where they practice.
Independent community physicians play a critical and valuable role in the delivery of healthcare across the country. The community-based care delivery model requires a sustainable infrastructure that supports independent physicians so that they can do what they do best – practice medicine.


DWGAS’ vision is to not only sustain, but revive the independent practice model across the country.

Community-based healthcare will deliver and keep access where it is needed – in the community. Community doctors should be supported by a common infrastructure, creating economies of scale, all the while improving outcomes and minimizing costs, locally.


Patients want to choose doctors who care. They want to put their health and their lives into the hands of another human being. Given a choice, patients want their doctor to first know them as a person, then as a patient.
DWGAS believes physicians have been and will continue to be the key to achieving the triple aims of quality, service, and affordability. A healthcare delivery model that supports physicians is a core belief at DW.


Nothing happens without trust. Trust is gained by presenting relevant and transparent goals, coupled with accessible communication channels and fair reimbursement.
DW’s physician reimbursement model is a transparent, outcomes relevant model that measures each medical group pod based on their region’s unique needs and challenges, but remains segregated to that medical group’s performance. Outcomes will be measured locally at the individual provider level.