John Williams


Chief Get Things Done Officer (CGTDO) – aka CEO: John Williams, not the Boston Pops or Star Wars ‘John Williams’, BJJ black belt (fyi – harder to get than Six Sigma black belt), 9 ball over 8 ball (always), Kung Fu Hustle Armageddon (with Bruce Willis) Waterboy (but also Pride and Prejudice), orange in general, occasional LinkedIn troll, no Instagram, no FaceBook, no Twitter (but scroll through Imgur when I can’t fall asleep), wanna be ESTJ (but keep scoring ISTJ), married 4 kids 1 dog (no goldfish), time is the most valuable commodity

Committed vision towards supporting local community based physicians’ move towards value/ outcomes based programs, allowing the transition and entry of the next generation of community physicians and physician leaders into the community. CEO’s experience (20 years with Kaiser NCal, 5 years FQHC, and 7 years IPA/ MG) allows him to contribute different perspectives and different strategies to ensure the success of the DCE. The unusual path of working in a highly efficient, closed HMO, not for profit, health system in California for 20 years, juxtaposed to 5 years as the COO for a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC), with a community, consumer-based Board, serving the under/ uninsured community in San Francisco Chinatown, and most recently working with a legacy Independent Physician Association (IPA), physician based Board, to transition the IPA to Medical Group, linked to a full risk bearing organization (Restricted Knox Keene Plan) for Medicare Advantage in California.

Cathy Chan


Chief Hustling Officer (CHO) – aka COO: juggler of all things sharp and dull; married for 15 years – two boys (one angel and one monster) and a loud, hyperactive Maltipoo dog; Born in steamy and busy Hong Kong, and raised in hot and calm Pleasant Hill, California – can operate under any environment and temperature; a foodie, especially Japanese food; an insatiable traveler longing for new destinations; always have the heart to support the underserved. Motto “Can’t change the whole world in a day, but one person can still make a difference.”
10 years with Dental Health as a Dental Assistant, Administrator, and a Financial advisor. 5 years at Federal Qualified Health Clinic as a Clinic Operations Manager. 6 years at non-profit Independent Physician Association (IPA) and for-profit Medical Group (MG) as a Director of Operations (Provider Relations, Member relations, Marketing, Administration, and Outreach Departments) and Compliance Officer. Our COO’s personal commitment is to serve and provide patient centered care without compromising good customer service to our beneficiaries. The years of experience have provided her opportunities to understand different populations (Asian, Hispanic, poor and non-English speaking). She utilized her knowledge and experience in creating programs that deliver the organization’s contractual commitment, as well as her personal commitment to serve patients who had language barriers and underserved. During her time at the IPA/MG, she also built the foundation of a Compliance Department. She created an internal audit team to ensure contractual compliance and regulations are met with contracted health plans, the state and federal government agencies.

Sandra Perumal


Chief Dispensing & Advocating Care Officer (CDACO) – aka CNO: Sandra Perumal, by way of South Africa, home to the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, & buffalo) and the beginning of my 33 years as a registered nurse. I have worn many hats in healthcare, and in life, married with two sons, two granddaughters, and no pets. Fortunate to nurse on 3 continents, 28 US states and in my spare time, I write about South Africa and I have accepted speaking engagements based on my writings. Healthcare should be an expression of our humanity – a goal for startups to get right.
33 years as a Registered Nurse, 26 years as a registered nurse in the USA. 20 years in clinical management, quality, regulatory, compliance and operations. 24 years with Medicare and Medicaid Programs including home health, hospice, adult day services, and long-term care services. 19 years’ experience in the Prospective Payment System (PPS) for Medicare home health services in multiple states. 20 years’ experience in Medicare’s Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS-D), Outcome Based Quality Improvement (OBQI), Outcome Based Quality Monitoring (OBQM), and Process Based Quality Improvement (PBQI) for Medicare Home Health Services. 10 years participation in Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS), a nationally standardized and publicly reported survey of home health care patients’ perspectives of their skilled home care. 5 years’ experience in Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings (1-5 stars) for home health, a public reported summary of the performance of the home health agency’s patient care using nine measures. 2 years’ experience in the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) which places home health periods of care into meaningful payment categories. 8 years’ experience in the Hospice Quality Reporting Program HQRP) including the Hospice Item Data Set (HIS) and the Consumer Assessment and Perception of Health Care Provider and Services (CAPHS) surveys. Implementing the Value Based Insurance Design (VBID) CY 2021 Hospice Benefit Component with Medicare Advantage partners.

Anthony Vu


Chief Jack-Of-All-Trades Information Officer (CJIO) – aka CIO: Anthony Vu, also known as Tony, is a self-proclaimed Grill Master who will settle for sous vide, prefers scotch over bourbon, and is a proud dad of two girls.

At his professional core, from working at a multi-specialty Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with an MSO for 12 years, is overseeing the movement of all electronic information with the focus of leveraging data analytics and clinical systems (EPM, EHR, EDR, PACS, LIS, PIS) capabilities, building interoperability between those systems to streamline clinic operational workflows to meet regulatory, quality, payer and business operation requirements while respecting resource constraints. Passionate about efficiently leveraging health information technologies to tackle the Quadruple Aim in healthcare.